Happy Mother's Day!

>> Sunday, May 13, 2012

I can't think of a better way to usher in this year's Mother's Day than hearing my daughter's last high school solo as I did at the pop show last night. I might have a few choice words to say about the teacher who thought it was all about him and thanked everyone for "his" success just short of the baker who made his favorite danishes of his childhood.

Everyone, indeed, EXCEPT the kids singing their hearts out.

Sorry, buddy, it ain't about you and never was. And I'll leave it right there for now before I start to use language that will get this post rated adults-only.

Which would be a mistake because the concert shouldn't have been about the teacher at all.

It's all about the kids.

Not just my kid, of course, and there were some lovely performances, but I'll admit I thought my daughter's was best. Those of you who frequent this blog probably know I'm a huge fan of my daughter's singing as has been noted (subtly) here and here and here.

Well, that hasn't changed and, last night, she went with jazz and sang this fantastic number. Although not the song I would have chosen, did I love it? Yes I did. I'm now convinced she can sing anything like a professional.

Who was this concert about?

If you guessed "the kids," you're damn right.

Way to go, baby!

I have updated my video homepage for anyone who wants to download the video. And her audio singing can be heard here and here any time.

Seeing your child succeed at something she loves? That's about the best present a mother can get (though she got me an AWESOME bouquet as well).

P.S. My camera work stunk big time. I could not get my arm to stop shaking. It doesn't, I think, detract from her voice. That's all her.

P.P.S. I did not realize how egotistical my original title was. I just felt so privileged to have my daughter's gift for today!


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