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>> Sunday, April 15, 2012

We just passed the year mark on Japan's great tsuanami/earthquake disaster (or rather, it's latest one). I remember because I heard about it the "next" day on my daughter's/sister's birthday. I've mentioned before how frustrated I am in getting information on the recovery of this great nation from such a devastating event and that still goes. Still, I stumbled across some before/after pictures that show how much work has already been done to recover. Just the clearing of debris impresses the hell out of me. I particularly like the first three pictures in the series:

Before the tsunami:

After the tsunami:
And now: 

Does that impress me? Damn straight. More pictures can be found here. Good for you, Japan. I wish you the best.

If anyone else has news on the recovery they could share, I welcome more information.

P.s. I did a search to see if I could find more. 

Here's one from three months after the disaster: Wow
Here's another from six months: Amazing - where do you even put all that debris?


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