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>> Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You never can tell what will be good.

Although I liked the Twilight books (amazing how everyone hates them despite their remarkable popularity), and liked the first movie, I didn't like the second book of the series (New Moon). I really liked one character and his part was pretty paltry.

This book was my daughter's favorite (she introduced the books to me) for the same reason it was my least favorite but she wasn't terribly interested the movie. She heard bad things about it as did I, but she wanted it when it came out on DVD. She saw it with her Dad last week and decided she didn't want to see it again when I got it Monday. She did watch it with me anyway.

You know what? I liked it. I liked it more than the first movie, more than the book. Who knew?

Just goes to show. You never know what you're going to like, though I liked it for the same reason I liked the series.

That's right. I'm team Edward.

Odd, cause he reminds me of me (I sparkle, too).

Does that mean I'm narcissistic?


  • Jeff King

    Yea the books suck... but one thing they do well is create a love triangle/drama that all women, of all ages feel in their lives. Well that’s the best I could get out of the books, I think she is a horrible writer and it gives me hope that she made it big/huge.

  • Stephanie Barr

    I didn't think the books sucked, but they weren't the best written books I ever read. Several problems, I thought. But I still found them compelling (and I'm not the love triangle type).

    But most books have flaws. I suspect, with these books, you have to find a character you like or they leave you flat. People who liked the book (even if they noticed the flaws) liked someone in it. Those who didn't find someone they liked, hated 'em.

    I suspect the same is true of my own work.

  • The Mother

    Haven't read them. The Goth did; he liked the books but not the movies.

  • Stephanie Barr

    My daughter hasn't really taken to the movies either and neither, apparently, did her friends. I saw the Twilight movie before I saw the book and that might be why I'm more lenient.

    Also, I think, serious overwhelming fans of novels tend to be "purists" - every difference is reviled. I know enough about movies to understand that changes are usually required and, if looked at objectively, tend to make the movie better. So, as a movie-from-book non-purist, I'm good.

    Also, the teenager-y portions are less overwhelming in the movie vs. the novel. That might be part of it, too, both why the teens are less thrilled and why I like the movies better. Though I did like the books, too.

  • Shakespeare

    I liked both the books and the movies. And I liked the second book, and the second film. I liked the energy of the wolves, and it helped give me a break from the music montages with Bella wandering around being sad (not my cup of tea). My favorite part was in Italy, though, when Edward believes he's died.

    Oh, and Jeff may hate them, but the books weren't written for him. Just as James Joyce never wrote a book intended for me to read. That's why I hate all of his stuff. Young men lusting after women and ejaculating are just not my cup of tea, and I assume mooning girls who love dangerous people are not Jeff's...

    The books aren't perfect, nor are the films--but I cannot deny they are compelling to me. And I feel no need to apologize for that any more than I need to apologize for loving Austen's books.

  • Stephanie Barr

    I'm not ashamed of liking them either. And I do. I have them for my ereader and I've reread them several times, which puts them in pretty elite company. And I still get caught up in them.

    I do find some things irksome, but that's not unusual. Picking books apart is one of the things I do with everyone's books...eventually.

    And I love Austen, too. I have never read James Joyce, but I can point out, of the top of my head, half a dozen classic authors who's books leave me cold. I don't think anyone likes everything. How dull it would be if we all liked the same things.

  • Relax Max

    Ejaculating in your cup of tea? Can you say that on a blog?

  • flit

    'course you sparkle too...you're married to a dragon, after all!

  • Anonymous

    "I have read them several times..." My mate, significant other, whatever, cannot understand how I can read a book over and over (or see a movie more than once, for that matter.), but, I guess I equate it to a 'song' that I have experienced and enjoyed (or hated, or been disturbed, or whatever..) and therefore must 'sing' it again.. I read Twilight because my 28 yo daughter recommended it. I have read all of the "saga" and, actually enjoyed them all. As to 'flaws', well, since I am the only flawless being in the world... (tongue in cheek..kee b------ that I am)

    Which leads me to question # 1: maybe not the right forum, Have you read 'The Host'?

    question # 2: why did you drop away from areyouscreening - I, for one, was enjoying your comments..

  • Stephanie Barr

    I have not read "The Host" though my daughter, who hooked me on Twilight, recommends it. I've bought it for her on the ereader so there's no reason I can't read it. I just haven't yet.

    As for the second question, I have to admit, I found the notion that someone could "factually" tell me what was good or not (as opposed to their opinion of what was good or not) left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I don't read reviewers as a general rule because of that same tendency and I had thought AreYouScreening (i.e. Marc Eastman) was different. I'm afraid, I felt severely disappointed when that turned out not to be so.

    I make a point of telling people what I like and why; I don't confuse my opinion of the matter with fact.

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