Another Good Thing About the Internet

>> Monday, March 22, 2010

I love the internet. Largely, I love the wealth of information available out here, the endless bits of data and history one can stumble across. What fun! I love shopping on the web. I love interacting with new people on the web. I love using it to say whatever I like to say.

Cool beans.

Well, I discovered another - being found by someone you used to know.

Seriously cool beans.

I was stunned (and thrilled) when a bud I knew from my freshman year looked me up and found me on my blogs. Reading through, he decided I really was me (though I'd gone through two name changes since then) and made contact. This was someone I knew well enough to not only give a copy of my then most precious poems, but to tell him my middle name. And, no, I'm not telling you all my middle name. That's a closely guarded secret.

Wow! I feel like I won the lottery. Good friends and nice people are treasures beyond price and, touching base with him, I realized I'd really dropped the ball and let an excellent potential friends slip away. Shame on me!

And he didn't even find me on Facebook. (To those friends of mine who found me on Facebook, seriously, I'm never there, don't do anything on it, don't play games and never go there. I only have an account there to keep tabs on my teenage daughter. As a Facebook friend, I suck royally, so it's not just that I'm ignoring you - I don't interact with anyone on Facebook. Anyone. My husband has a half-dozen unanswered requests there, too.)

Not only is it a pleasure to catch up with an old friend, it's very gratifying to have someone remember you fondly - especially when you felt about as popular as castor oil at that stage of your life.

Thanks, friend, you've made my week.


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