Things You Don't Want to Happen

>> Monday, February 22, 2010

Among the things you don't want to happen...

When you come home from work, you don't want to realize that your children (ages 6 and 2) sneaked off upstairs while your husband was making meatloaf.

If you do realize that your children are not where they should be, you do not want to hear a two year old crying upstairs just as you realize it.

If you do hear a baby crying and realize she's heading for the stairs as you're heading up, you don't want to see her coming toward you...with a toilet brush in hand. I can't imagine any situation where a toilet brush (unless, perhaps one had a clean one as a toy - though why I can't imagine) in the hands of a two year old is a good thing.

Editor's note: If you don't have children or have them and are germ phobic, you might want to STOP here.

If you do find your toddler with a toilet brush, you do not want to pick her up just to realize she's crying because she's wet from head to toe.

When you take her back to the bathroom, you do not want to see that your son was trying to clean up after her (because he hates for her to get into trouble), because that means, yes, she was playing in the toilet.

If your child is found to have played in the toilet, you don't want to find that someone, like your nonflushing son, used it just before her. Yes, solids. (You technically don't want to find a replacement head for a toothbrush, a ponytail maker in the soaked spot the toilet brush came from, but it's pretty minor compared to the rest).

Even understanding that your loves-to-clean toddler was just cleaning up after her brother (with an actual toilet brush) and that your son was cleaning up after her, doesn't make it a good thing. Cause, basically, it's all ewwwwww.


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