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>> Friday, June 19, 2009

It will be quick today. No new pictures (I know, I'm terrible), but a few bits of data for the forthcoming week.

First, on my beautiful kitties, we took them to get fixed this week. No worries, no headaches but Lee had pointed out before we took them that Moxy had some equipment that Lee, at least, didn't think really belonged on a girl cat. You know. Balls.

Sure enough, Moxy has 'em and they've been disarmed. Dax, however, is still a girl, just sans her girl parts now, so no little inbred accidental manxes for us, which is good because you shouldn't breed manxes together. Manx is dominant and two manx genes kills the embryo.

Fortunately, Moxy is still so lovable that he's overcome Lee's aversion to male anythings.

Also, come Sunday, my mom comes to stay for a week. I'm not particularly close to my mother. I haven't seen her since before my father died more than two years ago, but I've tried to keep things cordial as so has she. She's never seen my youngest and I'm sure she wants to.

Naturally, since we made these plans in April, I have a major review next week, and work to support another key assessment and, of course, some documents to look over that have to be done before the end of the month.

So, no problem.

Oh, and I killed two mosquitos today. Alert the media. And PETA. I used nuclear weapons or my hand. I can't remember which.


  • The Mother

    Isn't that fly swatting thing hilarious? In a sick, what is the world coming to, way.

    You won't find many medical PETA types. Pretty hard to develop new drugs and techniques with nothing to practice on. I suppose we could line up convicts, but someone would get upset about that, I'm sure...

  • Stephanie B

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Prisoners - perfect...

    You know, most people are all for treating animals humanely. PETA could be far more effective if they weren't insane.

  • flit

    Are PETA against the killing of skitters now? I hadn't heard that. Guess they wouldn't much care for Ross' job then.

    Hope you and your mom have a very nice visit.

  • Stephanie B

    Oh, you probably missed the media nonsense. Obama killed a fly with his hand during a TV interview. Of course, our news media was all over that and PETA sent him a humane trap so that he could "catch the fly and let it go humanely."


    Think they're out of touch with the rest of us?

  • Roy

    So Moxy's a he, eh? Heh, heh! Well, at least now you won't have to worry about him spraying.

    Kill them skeeters! And if PETA yells at you, send 'em to me. I've already been advising Bob to salt the slugs in her garden; I have a feeling PETA people would rather just let the slugs munch everything down to the root.

    BTW, check my post today; you've garnered an award!

  • Aron Sora

    PETA ticked off the vegans. They look the whole animal rights movement look like a joke and they are blowing up every inch of progress we make. Plus, they don't even support vegetarianism that much. They are just a diluted version of the animal rights movement that can fit into the main stream. However, they did give me an idea for promoting my blog. Women suggestively handling rocket models. (P.S. That superbowl ad was really bad and made of fail...)

    PETA has nothing to do with vegans, we do not associate with them, we hate them and just go away PETA.

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