Thieving Thursday: Things To Do

>> Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wouldn't you know my sister, Shakespearemom, would put me to work?

Le sigh

On her blog she put up a mindblowingly long and intensive list of things she plans to do this summer. The kind of huge list I normally associate with flit.

So I promised to put up my own list for Thieving Thursday. It will not be a flit-worthy or Shakespeare-worthy list and I'm giving my list until the end of the year because, hey, I don't get the summer off. But I will swear to do it.

  1. I shall finish painting my moon. I only need the detail and the glow in the dark paint, but I keep putting it off.
  2. If the editor looking at my finished novel Curse of the Jenri doesn't buy it, I shall go trolling, before the year is out, for an agent.
  3. I will complete Beast Within. I'm on a rewrite and I, although I have more tweaks, I think, I think I'm close to a marketable manuscript.
  4. I will complete the first draft of my paranormal-type romance which desperately needs a title.
  5. I'll figure out a title for my paranormal-type romance. :)
  6. I will keep up with my blogs.
  7. I won't let my work at work fall behind.
  8. I will figure out some sort of quick getaway (affordable) for the family this summer.
  9. I will take my family on that getaway I devise.
  10. I will swim or ride bikes at least three times a week.
  11. I shall finish my son's afghan.
  12. I shall finish my current cross-stitch project.
  13. I will sew up the holes in my baby chair.
That will have to do. I'm exhausting myself just thinking about it.


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