>> Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm trying to wean my daughter from sleeping with her brother. For one thing, it's making him cranky. For another, he has been having a hard time dealing with even the tiniest frustrations and, for yet another, he is taking some of that aggression out on his sister, which I cannot allow to continue. However, reasoning with an autistic child is...challenging.

So, I'm encouraging her, as a step to sleeping in her own bed, to sleep in my room. My children do not like to do anything on command. I told her she could sleep in the easy chair or the bed, but she needed to settle down. Here's what she did.

It's going to be a long fourteen more years until she graduates.


  • Roy

    Hmmmm... Maybe I should hook you up with my SIL. My nephew Kyle is autistic - fully verbal and high function (dean's list twice at Shippensburg University), but he can still be a handful! Nonetheless, Terri has managed him very well indeed. I think a lot of it is that she's stayed very involved in Kyle's life, and she's also been very involved in the whole public and medical debate about autism, been involved in focus groups, etc., and has done her research on what's true and what's myth, what works and what doesn't. I guess the key to success in raising an autistic child is active involvement.

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