I am not dead (really!) and other news

>> Saturday, July 7, 2012

I recognize that I haven't given much signs of life, here in the blogworld and, for that small contingent of loyal friends who care, I'm sorry. I am.

For the past nine months since my life reordered itself, I have been recovering, rebuilding, refining, and reflecting. I'm still immersed in my for-the-last-year manga obsession that makes my time alone more bearable, got caught up in an new anime obsession as well (particular long running one), and, of course, spending considerable time reworking the situation for my children who are in the midst of their own changes (starting school, starting college) and reworking childcare options compatible with income and tuition challenges. If you notice writing isn't on that list, that's not a lie, but I'm hoping that will change as I settle in to the new routines that still are in flux.

That's my explanation. Perhaps not a good excuse, but it's what's been going on instead of my spending my time writing on my blogs and (sadly) giving yours the consideration they deserve. I will catch up.


I think.

Other news:

I'm taking down my webpage at dragonfaerie.org. I still have the domain, but I haven't done much with it so I'm letting it go rather than let it cost me but lie fallow. If I find a good reason to have a website again, I'll start over. So, if you have a link going there and if fails to follow through, sorry.


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