It's Been a Demotivational Year

>> Saturday, December 31, 2011

As I took down the calendar we bought last year, a custom jobbie we bought through (makers of many fine demotivational products), it struck me that the different posters for each month (bought for the humor and/or the cool picture that went with it) were frighteningly prescient in hindsight. Especially given my current circumstances:

January - Destiny - You were meant for me. Perhaps as a punishment.

February - Madness - Madness does not always how. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "Hey, is there room in you head for one more?"

March - Pessimism - Every dark cloud has a silver lining but lightning kills hundres of people each year who are trying to find it.

April - Power - Power Corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. But it rocks absolutely, too.

May - Trouble - Lucky can't last a lifetime unless you die young.

June - Sanity - MInds are like parachutes. Just because you've lost yours doesn't mean you can borrow mine.

July - Tranquility - As long as there are children in the world, there will never be any real peace.

August - Regret - It hurts to admit when you make mistakes - but when they're big enough, the pain only lasts a second.

September - Vision - How can the future be so hard to predict when all of my worst fears keep coming true?

October - Worth - Just because you're necessary doesn't mean you're important.

November - Wishes - When you wish upon a falling star, your dreams can come true. Unless it's really a meteorite hurtling to the Earth which will destory all life. Then you're pretty much hosed no matter what you wish for. Unless it's death by meteor.

December - Insight - When the going gets tough, the tough get going. The smart left a long time ago.

So I'm not doing that this year. My New Year's resolution is to restructure a life that had largely been centered on my husband and my kids. Kids are still a priority, but my own life is just a bit unstable at the moment.

Next year, my calendar are all cool pictures of the moon. Hopefully, there's nothing prescient about that. Hope your year was better than mine and your next year is a real winner!


  • Roy

    Here's hoping all our new years are winners. I'll raise my glass to you later tonight when I drink my traditional wee dram of Laphraoig to welcome in the New Year!

  • Shakespeare

    October was the worst, I think. Makes me want to slap the great disappointment across the face. Yup. Stupid jerk.

    Yes, kids are important. So are you. And I'm going to tell you that every day if I have to, until you figure out I'm right. You rock, and you deserve to smile. You deserve happiness, and self-worth, and time, and health, and peace. You deserve it all.

    It will get better. Take care of you this year, and you'll see.

  • sue hanes

    rocket scientist - I identify heavily on much of what you said on your calendar.

    ~you were meant for me -as a punishment

    and especially how my life was centered around the wrong thing - and I'm 66 so I don't have time to fool around now.

  • Stephanie Barr

    Sue Hanes, I hope you're not facing divorce like I am. I don't wish that on anyone.

  • flit

    I agree with Shakespeare on every point... although I wanna throw in a good solid kick too

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