Making Changes

>> Monday, May 16, 2011

To wake up those poor souls who still follow this blog I neglect too much, I have an announcement. My largely neglected (mostly by myself) blog, Ask Me Anything, is getting reworked to address my current fascination with manga/anime which, after more than four nonstop months, is still going strong. As in I'm going to try to learn how to read Japanese which puts me, I think, a step beyond a dabbler. The new title is "The Unlikely Otaku" where otaku is a term to describe an obsessive fan of some form of media or another.

How does it affect this site? Okay, it really doesn't. It's not particularly important, except to me, as I'm excited about making a venue for myself to continue to explore why I find this manga/anime world so fascinating.

The other impact is that, if someone has a question they just have to get addressed (that isn't writing or manga related), they'd best put it here, since Rockets and Dragons will now be fully focused on reading/writing and Unlikely Otaku is focused on manga/anime. This blog I'm leaving to catch everything else, which isn't much at this moment.


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