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>> Tuesday, September 14, 2010

/Steps on soapbox

I know it's midweek and I've mostly given up rantings. Every once in a while, though, something just gets my goat. The irony is that what I'm hating is the overwhelming need many seem to have to hate on things that do them (and everyone else) no harm.

Now, before you toss the hypocrisy card, hear me out. I'm fine with hating things you can't fix: DMV lines, corrupt politicians (of any flavor), colonoscopies, and bad drivers. Rant away until it's fixed. Keep talking. I won't stop you (even if I disagree).

Be as angry and vocal repeatedly on issues that hurt you or others, like global warming, female circumcision, white (or any other kind of slavery), intolerance, forgoing vaccines, war, terrorism, unemployment, what-have-you. Nothing wrong with standing up for anything while people are suffering. There are certainly plenty of issues like that to keep us busy.

But there's another class of things that people rant about. that they jump in on over and over again. Opinions. Now don't get me wrong. Everyone's entitled to an opinion, about a particular celebrity or person or book or movie or song or process or set of beliefs. By all means have them. Tell your friends, answer with the truth when asked, put it on your blog. Defend your opinion if challenged if you want to.

But then, for mercy's sake, let it go if it's not hurting anyone, especially you. I was reading a bulletin on an upcoming Twilight movie (beint split into two, rather than one - which, as I've read the book, makes perfect sense), and every single comment was bemoaning the fact there'd be two and screaming out against the torture, etc. Folks, what possible impact do the number of Twilight movies remaining have on people who don't like them? Don't like it. Don't go.

I'm not saying you can't hate it. My husband hates them and doesn't pretend otherwise. But he isn't obsessed with it. He doesn't follow announcements and blast fans. He doesn't burn the books when I'm not looking. If he doesn't like the book, he doesn't read it. He doesn't like the movie, he doesn't watch it.

There are people who hate certain celebrities with a passion verging on mania. Not because they committed a crime or strangled kittens in their spare time but because they're dating/married to the wrong person or are too fat/successful/ugly/who knows what. OJ doesn't get the hate mail these celebrities get. So much vitriol.

I didn't get into Harry Potter. I'm not a fan of the Star Wars franchise (in general). I couldn't care less about horror movies like Saw and whatever. I can't stand watching Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell in a movie. There are a number of very successful authors whose books leave me cold.

So. I don't go to the movies I know I won't like. I don't read books by authors I don't care for.

As far as I'm concerns, those authors can write as many books as they can sell. It does me no harm. There are plenty of other books being published. If there aren't any good movies out one weekend, I have a DVD player. If people go see a movie I disliked a dozen times, what harm does that do me? Why should I be upset over this? Why lose my mind over something that has no real effect on me?

What is wrong with people? Why do they get rabid over stuff they don't like? Why are people spun up about what religion people are, who they go home with, what party they're with, what celebrities they admire?

I have to ask why anyone's life is so empty they have to go out of their way, track down people getting enjoyment from something harmless and try to take it away from them.

Please, folks, if you want to promote the things you like, watch it/read it/buy it. Extol it's virtues. Sing it's praises. Enjoy it over and over. And remember, if someone's enjoying something you don't like, why sweat it?

Maybe, if we stopped worrying about what other people were enjoying (that we didn't like), maybe we'd find our own lives tasted a little better than we thought.

/Steps off soapbox

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  • Roy

    Yeah, I've never understood that, either. What's the point? That fundamentalist tendency to want to run other people's lives seems to be escaping the religious world and creeping into the mainstream; if you don't like what I like and hate what I hate, then you're (a)unpatriotic, (b) immoral, (c) ignorant, or (d) all of the above. I just don't understand that need to control others' lives.

    Oh, and btw, yes I started the new job yesterday (Monday), and I'm much happier these days! Heh, heh!

  • The Mother

    Vote with your feet. Then leave it alone. I don't get the 'cult of celebrities' anyway.

    (Except when it hurts other people. Then I think it might be far more reasonable to yell and scream and carry on.)

  • Stephanie Barr

    I don't get the cult of celebrities either, but if someone gets enjoyment out of a vicarious fascination, it's not my problem.

    You'll note I made a distinction between harmless and harmful. Some beliefs hurt only oneself. Some hurt others. I'm not sure I'm qualified to interfere in the first, but I definitely won't sit quietly with the latter. Nor do I advocate it.

  • Jeff King

    "He doesn't burn the books when I'm not looking. If he doesn't like the book, he doesn't read it. He doesn't like the movie, he doesn't watch it."

    thats me to a T

  • Relax Max

    I can't imagine anyone would think of playing the hypocrisy card on you and insinuate YOU would attack someone else's opinion that didn't hurt you. No way.

  • Anonymous

    People criticizing unjust situations often do so for the sake of justice (however they perceive it).  However, those who criticize when there is no issue affecting them or others, I believe, do so because the criticizer is unhappy with his/her own circumstances.  The "perceived injustice" is in their own mind.  Life sucks, why do I have to put up with x, when will things get better?  It's not the target of criticism who has created this injustice but it makes the attacker feel better nonetheless.  When was the last time a truly happy, self-contented person said something unnecessarily rude or snarky?  Sometimes misery loves company.

    Bottom line: if someone attacks you for no good reason, it's probably because they're not doing so well themselves.  Just let it slide and be grateful you're doing better.  The best revenge against attackers is earning happiness for yourself.  (And I do mean "earning" - you have to work at it everyday.)

    Peace out,

    Mike H

  • Stephanie Barr

    Mike H, agreed.

  • Shakespeare

    I'm with Mike H, too. Those who attack needlessly are only trying to compensate for their own issues.

    This is the first I've heard of the final Twilight being made into two films. I'll go, but I'm far more excited about the last two Harry Potters... ;)

  • Marilynne

    I wish your posts had LIKE buttons, or maybe I AGREE buttons.

    I dislike people who go on a rant because I expressed an opinion they disagree with. It's OK with me that they disagree with me, but why do they get angry about it?

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