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>> Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First an announcement: For the next two months, I'm forgoing tarot questions on Ask Me Anything. Up until recently, I was getting a steady supply of those and, truthfully, they're generally not very interesting for anyone but the questioner. On October 1, I'll open it back up to tarot questions, but I'm going to limit the number to two per month so people can still come here to learn more general stuff.

Now, here's why. For a while there, all I was getting were tarot questions. Now, I offered to do tarot readings and I'm not begrudging what I did. What I discovered, however, with post after post that wasn't really pertinent to anyone but the questioner was that readers were losing interest. I don't have a lot of them, but the ones I've had, consistently, weren't bothering to check it any more.

That made me sad.

Worse, I was losing interest myself. One reason I wanted to do Ask Me Anything is because I don't know everything so, in almost every case when someone asked me a question, I learned something. It is only the past week when I had a handful of thought-provoking, research-requiring questions that I realize how much I had missed questions like that, digging into the meat of it, having to explain why I thought the way I did.

I'd missed it. Terribly. So, in the interest of enjoying my Ask Me Anything blog and learning a little something something whenever I can, I'm closing it off to tarot questions until October (which is a good month to start 'em back up) and I'm limiting the number to two a month.


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