Mother's Day

>> Sunday, May 9, 2010

So, for Mother's Day, I received flowers from both husband and daughter and was taken to a movie: Ironman 2.

Guess who's idea the latter was (note that I have no teenage boys in my immediate life unless you count my husband)? But it's OK. For an action film (which I tend to enjoy), it was uber-geeky and I'm a geeky kind of gal. Actually, I enjoyed it quite well. Actually, just the sequence of donning the suit from a "briefcase" (which was far too light for the purpose) was just about worth the price of the ticket but I have to admit to geeking out over the over-the-top holographic hijinks in his much misused lab, the woman kicking a dozen butts to take out the bad guy (loved it!), the general insanity of Stark (which I've seen first hand in another individual), and some pretty cool robotic butt kicking.

If I found the villains less than impressive. And I also know that software and control systems for such suits are 30X times more challenging than a power source (and a power source like that one has like a jillion different uses), especially if they're going to be drones.

Ah well, must remember that it's comic book physics and, hey, I liked it anyway.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there.


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