Sunday Soapbox: Goin' Out

>> Sunday, April 18, 2010

*Steps on Soapbox*

OK, first let me say I love my husband. I do. I really appreciate that he stays home all day and watches the kids, cleans the house, does the cooking. But I also hate that I have to get up every day to work for us all. Admittedly, it's a pleasant sedentary job, one I'm good at. And I'm grateful to have it. I'm just not a morning person.

And I hate to go out. I hate to shop. I hate to crawl along malls. I hate to tromp. I hate to look at stuff that doesn't interest me or, worse, stuff that interests the people I love but I can't get them. It makes me feel like a failure even though we have what we need. I just want the people I love to have all they want, too. So, I feel guilty.

But, truthfully, it's also that I just don't want to go out. At any given time, I've got a jillion irons in the fire and a fraction of the time I'd need to do it to do it. And, if I didn't, there are a dozen leisure activities, including reading books and watching movies and playing with children and sleeping, I would prefer to do.

So, when we get Lee's mom to take the kids for an afternoon . . . we spend it window-shopping at a mall I hate with a parking lot I despise. I understand he needs to get out.

But I still hate it.

God, I'm dull.

*Steps off soapbox*


  • Boris Legradic

    Ugh, shopping - I feel your pain.
    Personally, I like going out - in moderation. Having a pint with friends, theatre or a museum - once a week if that, more I can't stand. There are too many books I have yet to read!

    But I wouldn't even consider shopping as "going out" - shopping is torture, and shopping malls are demon-infested places of doom, playing soothing Muzak to drown out the cries of the damned. Haven't been in one for more than a year, thank the gods!

  • The Mother

    This is what happens when an introvert marries an extrovert.

    Hubby is the social being in my family, too. I'd rather stay home.

    As for shopping--that's what the internet is for. Nuff said.

  • Quadmama

    I am NOT a shopper. I believe you should go to a store knowing exactly what you want, get it and go. Several months ago, my in-laws took our girls overnight... Hubby and I went to a movie, but after that we came home and just vegged. Apparently I'm dull, too!

  • Jeff King

    I have the same issue...

  • flit

    And me....hmmm...seems to be a pattern here

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