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>> Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Science Fiction and Fantasy also didn't fare as well as I expected. Like Roy, I tend to devour a particular author and not read widely. These are books I read often.

  1. Split Infinity by Piers Anthony (this was more from my teenage years, but I read them all)
  2. Another Fine Myth by Robert Lynn Asprin. I love humor.
  3. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick
  4. The Dragon and the George by the same author that brought you Neuromancer, Gordon Dickson. It was a toss-up which I used. I was introduced to the latter in my single English class in college, Physics in Fiction.
  5. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
  6. Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey - I was surprised no one got that.
  7. Dune by Frank Herbert
  8. The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart - my favorite Arthurian books
  9. Conflict of Honors by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, arguably the Liaden series (which this leads off) are my husband's and my favorite books. Period.
  10. The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein. I'm surprised no one got this either, but then I'm a huge Heinlein fan and this is one of his all time best.
So, now you know.


  • The Mother

    I actually have read the Crystal Cave and the Hollow Hills. Just not since I was a teenager.

  • Roy

    Ouch! I'm a bit embarrassed at having missed the Piers Anthony and the Heinlein. The rest, aside from the ones I'd already guessed, are way outside my usual reading. Too bad you didn't put in some Terry Pratchett!

  • Stephanie Barr

    I've actually only read one Terry Pratchett, but, though I enjoyed it, I read it a year or two ago and I generally only pursue authors any more if my husband enjoys them, too. For some reason, Terry Pratchett didn't work for Lee.

    I started reading Nora Roberts for myself, but I just don't have enough extra time in my life to pursue new authors in general unless Lee likes 'em too.

    I've actually gotten him hooked on Georgette Heyer, so it's not all bad.

  • The Mother

    You only read stuff your husband likes? Damn, woman. I will try to remember that you are a brilliant rocket scientist, and not some poor housewife chained to her stove.

  • Jeff King

    I need to write these down,and visit the library this weekend...

  • Stephanie Barr

    I don't ONLY read to my husband but it's something we enjoy doing together. He's severely dyslexic and, though he can read, he doesn't absorb it or enjoy it as much that way.

    And I love sharing books I love with him. We both enjoy it much more.

    And he cooks and cleans the house. And watches the children during the day. Reading together is something we do as a couple.

    And I don't begrudge it one bit.

  • The Mother

    I have one severely dyslexic son--he's the reason we started our family oral reading habit (and not coincidentally the reason I ended up rereading every classic on the Texas lit reading list). But he's gone, now, and everyone has retreated into their corners. If I only read the stuff hubby read, I'd be reading 95% medical lit. He'd rather blow off steam in front of a non-mind-engaging TV set.

  • Stephanie Barr

    We share many of the same tastes in reading. And we've both stretched our boundaries as a result. But the books have also meant more since we've shared them.

    My daughter has stretched mine, too. I read the Twilight books and got hooked on several mangas I adore because of her. Who knew?

  • Shakespeare

    I've only read two of these... Hitchhiker's Guide (a LONG time ago), and Crystal Cave. I liked The Hollow Hills even better... liked all except the last one in the series.

    You might consider checking out some books on cd. I have a friend who reads books this way with her husband.

    Fortunately, I don't have to share any tastes with my husband. Unfortunately, it's because my husband doesn't read anything unless he has to. My kids are different, though.

  • Relax Max

    The Moon is a Harsh Mistress? I'll just bet. :)

    You are opening a whole new world for me.

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