The Perfect Visit

>> Sunday, August 16, 2009

I should continue my series on favorite characters, but I want to say so long to a perfect visitor. My sister came to stay with me last week. No kids. No husband. No agenda. No plans.

I made no plans either. I took the week off. That was it.

It was perfect.

We went to dinner a few times.

We shopped a little.

We sang karaoke (I must get better CDs).

We watched a few movies.

We talked about writing and families and children and her classes and my work.

We played on computers.

We blogged.

She worked out a few times. :)

We complained about the ridiculous heat.

We talked about our husbands.

We compared views on many core values that we happen to have in common.

We read tarot.

We played with my kids.

I didn't take one damn picture.

She talked to my husband.

She reminded us we don't take enough cruises considering we live within spitting distance of Galveston. (I.e. none)

My sister is a beautiful, wonderful, versatile, and multi-faceted individual. I had a wonderful time last week.

I love you, Sunshine. I miss you already.


  • Shakespeare

    Despite the heat, I considered coming back yesterday. I faced a long list of have-tos today... from laundry to school shopping.

    It was a great visit! And please do tell me when you're FINALLY going on a cruise! You and Lee should both really love it--several days of nothing necessary. I'd even do some guest postings for you while you're gone.

    Thanks for the great hospitality, Babe! (It is Babe, isn't it?)

  • The Mother

    When my sister visits, she plays Magic and D&D with the kids. I generally hide. Not because of the sister, because of the games.

    You do NOT want to be around my kids when they get that gleam in their eyes. Frightening.

    They are plotting to take over the world. Really. Given their playing abilities, they might, actually, have a shot.

  • Doctor Faustroll

    Marilyn would laugh her ass off over the picture.

  • Jeff King

    glad you and your sister get along so well, that is somthing to be proud of...

  • Bob Johnson

    Enjoy and make the most of it, and do it often. My brother was taken away very suddenly, my biggest regret is we didn't spend enough quality time together, my reason, he lived a 7 hour car drive away.

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