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>> Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My sister, on Creative Arts Anonymous, has been having a dull and lifeless Craptacularville-feeling life recently and has decided to live in fantasy to compensate. Since I write fiction, of course I understand.

Now despite the blinding popularity of the Wednesday Writing Workshop (haha!), I'm donating it this week to telling my sister one of my favorite fantasies that keep me going when I'm down down down. And it happens.

I mean, sometimes you feel like you make no difference, that life is just a grind from day to day, no matter how hard you wish it wasn't, no matter how hard you dream.

So what fantasy pulls me out of my slump?

I like the one where there are people out there living normal uneventful lives, but those people are actually something special, capable of things beyond what anyone, including themselves, ever dreamed. Perhaps, they have psychic power that is only brought out under extreme adversity or they find a channel to past lives that allows them to access a hundred lives worth of knowledge and experience. Perhaps, and this is a favorite, they end up being a catalyst that pulls our mundane world back together with the world of myth and magic that had broken away some centuries ago. In the new combined world, they aren't normal but really magical prodigies. It's just in the mundane world, those skills were never seen.

Now, this is an old and hackneyed fantasy, used by author after author, including the hugely successful Rawlings and Meyers. But they use it because it's so cool, because, in this fantasy, anyone can be someone special instead of just another person. In this scenario, you're saving the world, making it something it never was before, making a real difference.

And, yes, I use it, too. What fantasy gets you through the day? Give my sister a hint of it if you want to tell us your fantasy on your own blog and, hey, give me a shout out too. Or, if you don't have a blog, feel free to tell us that fantasy that keeps the Craptacularville feeling away. We can't have too much.


  • Shakespeare

    I especially like the idea of unseen things... perhaps that's why I liked BEDTIME STORIES, since in every story the main character was secretly magnificent, but he was underrated and underappreciated...

    No one wants to believe they are truly lame, including me. It's much nicer to believe I'm magic than to admit I'm a Muggle.

    But I won't admit that. Not ever.

    I especially like those fantasies where I dance flawlessly. Perhaps I'm not alone. It would sure explain that whole celebrity dance thing.

  • Bob Johnson

    I daydream all the time, one is a meteor falls in my backyard, I become famous and make millions selling it, oh then I'm on the Letterman show as well,lol, hey it works for me.

  • Stephanie B

    Personally, Bob, I think that's a fine fantasy.

    Shakespeare, I like variations where I'm up against the wall and find I can defend myself much better than I ever imagined.

  • The Mother

    My fantasy is that I'm twenty years younger, twenty pounds lighter, decided to go for that PhD instead of the MD, and gorgeous men are throwing themselves at my feet.

    Oh, and no kids. Absolutely NO KIDS are allowed in my fantasies. I have enough of them in real life.

  • Stephanie B

    Ah, Mother, LOL.

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