What I Want for Mother's Day

>> Friday, May 8, 2009

See, I told Lee something already (and, no, I won't get that either, not anywhere near Mother's Day if at all, but I'm going to Star Trek with my mother-in-law so I will be covered). But what I really want, it's undoubtedly a bad idea get.

And, to be honest, I've been pretty sure for some time that he never reads my blog(s) and what I want and shouldn't have is really bothering me far more than I ever dreamed it would. Who knew?

What I'd really like is...

a kitten.

funny pictures of cats with captions
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We have a baby and some more reconstruction to do and, though everyone loves the kittens, Lee loses interest with them when they become cats and he's the one home with them. I know they're trouble and underfoot and everything...but...

My Bete died unexpectedly. One of the first things I did when I left my first husband is get a cat. He was allergic. But I missed and wanted a cat and I've had cat or cats ever since. Nothing wrong with dogs, mind you, but they don't purr or belong on your lap.

Preferably, I'd get a female stray (especially a manx) or a female cat from a shelter...but Lee doesn't want another one right now. And I understand the reasoning.

I just want one anyway.

I miss my Bete.

Fortunately, Lee will never read this.


  • Citizen Shelly

    Get a kitten! They are no trouble at all. Underfoot is nothing. I just got a puppy and let me tell you, they are huge work compared to cats. Cats are nothing compared to dogs, they practically take care of themselves! Good luck... hope you get one.

  • Scrooge

    I thinks you should have a Scrooge.

    Scrooges is much better than kittens.

    I is sorry about your Bete though.

  • Relax Max

    I love cats. I have cats. You should get a kitten. You won't be sorry. Do it for yourself. :)

  • Patricia Rockwell

    Does your hubby have a blog? Your blog pals could drop him a hint about how wonderful it would be to have a kitten. Let me know. I can be persuasive--sometimes.

  • Phyl

    Awww. I wish you could get a kitten too.

    I've decided that after my current two cats are gone, I won't get cats again since my financial situation is always so precarious. And then I think, "But...a kitten. A kitten!"

    The most wonderful beings on the face of the earth. Kittens and cats.

  • Davida

    I love all animals, but I prefer having a dog over a cat. Nonetheless, I hope he reads this and you get your kitten for Mother's Day.

    Happy Mother's Day!


  • Marianne

    My hubby doesn't read my blog(s) either. What's with these guys?

    Sorry about your kitty. My Pug dog died last year and I ponder getting another dog. I love cats but I am allergic something fierce or I would get one.

  • Shakespeare

    I understand. For some inexplicable reason, I'm wanting a small dog (NOT a puppy--a dog)...maybe a pug or something.

    But dogs are so much work. Not sure I'm up for it.

    What's one more cat, though? Surely that would be a great idea!

  • Bob Johnson

    Love cats as you probably know, so cute pic. We are going to see Star Trek with my daughter and fiance Monday

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