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>> Monday, May 18, 2009

Today, I'm going to talk about a subject I never talk about: fashion.

Why? Do you mean why don't I ever talk about it? (Because I dress for comfort not appearance and many's the lady who does otherwise who would look better in something comfortable - in my opinion). Or, did you mean, why are you talking about it today if it's not a subject that interests you?

Well, because of my husband.

My husband, in general, dresses for comfort as well. It is for that reason, actually, that he has asked for the most expensive item of clothing he's ever had as his payment for completing all the Hurricane Ike repairs: a utilikilt.

Isn't he handsome, sporting the black version of the workman utilikilt and, of course, a kitty (Moxie)? I think he is.

Of course, although I was proud as punch to go to the store with him, my teenage daughter was ready to sink. "Dad, you look like a cross-dresser." Not hardly. And, as I explained, since she's been lobbying unsuccessfully to get various unnecessary holes punched into various places in her face, and she has either ripped holes in or drawn with sharpie all over all the pants I bought her this year (including labels, with arrows, for various body parts in case we didn't know where they were), she's really not qualified to talk about someone being an embarrassment to those around them. If you know what I mean.

I'm not kidding when I say I like it. Of course, I like cloaks, too. And yes, thanks to my sister's magic fingers, we all have those, too. Cool, no?

So, though I wouldn't want to forgo any of my modern conveniences, I do like some styles that speak of days gone by, considerably more, in fact, than many of the fashions of today. And that should be enough fashion to last the rest of the year.

That the kilt drives my daughter batty is just gravy.


  • flit

    She labelled her pants? Oy... does she hang out with really DUMB people that need that level of detail?


    He looks very manly in his kilt.

    My brother one wore a little black skirt (not a kilt) to the mall - the friend he was going with said "you wouldn't!" ..silly friend, of course he would.

  • Phyl

    Oh, he does look very handsome indeed!

    I have two (male) friends who wear kilts most of the time, and I tell ya, there are no more manly men than those two! It's all in the person -- how he carries himself, how he walks. And one of my friends has shoulders so wide he almost needs two lanes. You can't possibly look like a "cross-dresser" that way. (And, um...what's the matter with cross-dressing anyway?)

    Your daughter needs to hear that if more conservative types had gotten their way in the 60s, she wouldn't be allowed to wear pants because they made her "look like a man." Speaking of cross-dressing.

    But oh my. If I were you, I'd make him wear it all the time. :-)

  • Roy

    Kilts on men are growing in popularity, and apparently those utilikilts have turned into a lucrative industry. I wouldn't wear one (I have this thing about cool breezes in nether regions, plus I usually wear underwear until it falls apart - I'm frugal that way - and that could lead to embarrassing situations), but I can see no reason why anyone would find them objectionable. This whole gender issue is a straw man created by people who seem to have a need to run other people's lives; the sooner everybody ignores them the sooner they'll shut up.

  • Patricia Rockwell

    I agree with the manly kilt! We need more wearers of them. Unfortunately, my husband finds even Bermuda shorts intolerable for men. He believes men should never expose their legs! Ridiculous!

  • Shakespeare

    Roy, who said one was supposed to wear ANYTHING under a kilt?

    My husband wore a regular one, once, when he played my dad (yikes!) in Brigadoon... but I've tried to talk him into wearing the little breeches to go with a medieval costume, and he won't budge on that.

    I have managed to dress him as Zorro and a pirate, though... so he's not entirely implacable.

    The utilikilt is AWESOME. He'd never go for it, though, since his handyman status comes out most when his mom visits. She wouldn't be able to stop laughing, knowing her.

    Too bad, too. My hubby has nice legs. It would suit him.

  • Shakespeare

    Ohh, and the moon in the background looks AWESOME too!

  • Stephanie B

    flit, Lee is quite capable of wearing almost anything on a dare, but he loved this kilt, knew it would look good on him and it DOES. Stephanie writes on her skin, the walls, and her clothes. I'm at a loss to know why.

    I did quite get her problem either, Phyl. The boys she knows where "skinny jeans" - I rest my case. Plus, she's and advocate for the gay and lesbian community so I don't see the heartache if he were cross-dressing. But he wasn't. He was just handsome. I'd love to make him wear it all the time, but realistically he needs more of them. He's already scheming for more.

    Roy, agreed. Although, in this hot climate, a cool breeze on his nether regions was actually a selling point.

    Sorry about your husband, Patricia. Lee is a free spirit, thank Heavens and frequently wears shorts, too.

    See, women understand this is a sexy thing. I'm glad you like the moon. I'm not quite done with it, but I'm mostly pleased.

  • JD at I Do Things

    I love the utilikilt! And of course, a gorgeous black kitten makes the perfect accessory to any ensemble.

    Maybe I'll start carrying Prudence around with me when I'm wearing my baggy sweats and men's T-shirt.

  • Stephanie B

    It should be noted that the utilikilt has several pockets that could readily hold a kitten.

    I think you should wear a kitten everywhere, JD. Start a fashion.

  • Phyl

    Now, there's a fashion I could really get behind.

  • The Mother

    My family is Scottish and I grew up with kilts.

    My husband is Canadian, and has a more limited view of the ancient dress.

    My son--the Goth--wanted nothing more for his last birthday than to be a Scottish Laird (you can actually buy small plots of land online that come with the title). Then he promptly asked for a kilt.

    Which I bought him. And which my husband will not let him wear.

    While I love hubby to pieces, he sometimes wears on my patience.

    The Goth is just waiting for him to die.

  • Stephanie B

    Mother, seriously, does your Goth son know my teenage daughter. If the RIGHT person wore the kilt, she'd be all over it and thrilled. Her tune would TOTALLY change and she'd probably turn her nose up and men wearing regular pants.

    Also, loved your blog and am adding it to my blog list.

  • Raven Lee Draconis (The Man In The Kilt)

    To Tell The Truth Its EASILY The Most Amazingly Comfortable And Cool Thing I Have EVER Worn! It Beats Out NUDE! And The Pockets And Such Are GREAT. I Need A Really KICK Ass Set Of Boots And A MANLY MAN Belt Though . . . .Also More Kilts. Anyway I Am Amazed At How MUCH Manlier I Feel Wearing It. Its Like It Was MADE With The Soul Intent Of Making ME, A Guy Comfortable. Makes me Wonder Why Men Stopped Wearing Skirt Like Clothing. There OBVIOUSLY Better Suited To Our Dangly Anatomy. And Wile I Will Admit To Having A Thing For A Girl In A Skirt . . . The Kilt Just FEELS Right. Makes Me Want To Go Out And Toss A Tree Or A REALLY BIG Rock, Drink Scotch And Fight Off The Welsh.

  • Bob Johnson

    Hey!!!! you've been holding out on me, I want a cool image of that Moon, looks fab, the utilikilt, well, not for me, your hubby must be very comfortable in his manhood to wear it,lol, love the cross-dresser comment from your teenage daughter.

  • Stephanie B

    You're not wrong about the moon, Bob. I have one more layer with detail before I think it's "done". And I need the glow in the dark paint added, too.

    I been bad. :(

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