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>> Friday, May 1, 2009

So, I got in late last night and was done in from my trip.

Today, I was going to relax and play catch up on-line. Except I had to run errands and help with the last tasks for the inspector tomorrow and go to see a movie. Wolverine.

Now, folks, I didn't grow up on comic books and barely heard of the X-Men before movies came out. I like the idea; it's similar to many of my own ideas in many ways and there's an infinity of things to do with the notion. Having said that, the movies mostly left me cold. And bored. Except for Wolverine.

I know, I know. Everyone likes Wolverine. And not just because Hugh Jackman's very easy on the eyes (and much better than the picture of the Fuhrer I had up earlier this week). I'm not stupid (or immune to physical beauty). I've always thought looks don't make the person and still do. But some people are a joy to look at and he'd be one of them even if I didn't like his characters on screen (in all the movies I've seen him in to date - which is a short list). But I have liked them and that's even better. Believe me, I've seen many a "gorgeous" actor play a part I didn't care for and found them completely unappealing.

But I liked this version of Wolverine easily the best of all the X-Men movies.

If you're a huge fan of the comics, a purist, or the sort who always thought Wolverine was overrated, I have no idea how you'll like the film. My husband liked it, but thought it wasn't as in-depth enough.

But I enjoyed myself so now you know why I haven't caught up and won't be catching up tonight.

Instead, I'll be jumping my own personal dragon, 'cause, hey, he turns me on, too. Later.


  • flit

    One must have priorities!

  • Bob Johnson

    Not really a fan of the X-Men movies, although I have watched them all, good to know this one was the best of the bunch, I will see it. Star Trek May 8th is my top priority, woo hoo!!

  • Shakespeare

    I liked the first two movies, though even Wolverine wasn't enough to help me like the last one. I think I find Wolverine appealing because of his animal intensity, his kind of instinctive way of living.

    Actually, they conducted a poll (I read it somewhere) asking which Marvel comic character fans liked best, and Wolverine won hands down. And I know most fans are guys, so that means much more than beefcake.

    I can't wait for Star Trek, either. Looks FABULOUS!!!

  • JD at I Do Things

    I like the idea of the X-Men movies, too, but didn't care for the first one.

    I may be the only woman on the planet who doesn't find Hugh Jackman attractive. I can't put my finger on it. Just doesn't do it for me.

    Welcome back!

  • Stephanie B

    I'm looking forward to Star Trek myself as I'm an "old" Star Trek fan.

    I knew I wasn't alone in liking Wolverine and, don't worry, JD. To each their own. Everyone has something that appeals to them. Admittedly, part of it is his voice. I love a good voice.

  • The Snarky View

    sigh.... Hugh is so hot

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