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>> Friday, May 22, 2009

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I like Phyl's Friday Cat Blogging, so I'm going to do something similar, but with fewer pictures.

You know, whenever you get a new pet, there's always a measure of gamble associated with it. I've had what seems like jillions of cats over my life and no two were identical in personality.

I've met and been charmed by a cat, only to find that living with the cat was intolerable. Or that the ugliest kitten (Spider)I ever saw in my life turned into a beautiful petite cat, graceful and gorgeous. Or the cat has a lovely personality but a leaks urine in a fairly constant dribble.

I've had a Himalayan that pulled a Roman characteristic and would eat until she puked so she could eat some more. I've had a little long haired cat that was charming in the extreme who would sit on my shoulder and knead my hair and skin for hours. She was so sweet (Mildew - a name which is a story in and of itself) but also had the weakest stomach of all time and would start to throw up before I pulled out of the driveway. Road trips were not fun.

Then there was Pepper who was psychotic and hated other cats so much she would have a psychotic episode. When we brought Mildew home she freaked entirely first hissing at the kitten then us ("You must be cats! I hate cats!") and she ended up in the laundry room hissing at herself. ("I'm a cat! I hate cats!") She didn't get carsick, but she could make her hair abandon cat if she was headed for the vet. She also forced me to get her declawed by continually catching her claws in the air intake when she (literally) bounced off walls. They used a surgical glue after the surgery and she licked her paws down to the bone FOUR separate times. She also figured out how to get those long to-the-shoulder bandages off of her so she could get to the paws within minutes. Yes, I could do a whole blog on Pepper, too.

And Alvin, not technically my cat, but a memorable gem, my introduction to the wondrous world of manx cats. He's a few posts in and of himself.

But today, it's an update on Foxy and Moxie. Two diverse personalities: one quiet and shy, one extroverted and playful. Together, they're perfect. They play among themselves for hours every day. They chase each other in the graceless way of the very young. They bat at my daughter's hand with carefully retracted claws and generally are careful with even the slightest contact. When I sit at my computer, they crawl to my shoulder or my lap and purr and sleep, happy to be there.

At night, they either go to another room to play or curl up to sleep on me. They don't sleep on my allergy-prone husband. They don't play on the bed and disturb our sleep.

If I was tailor making a pair of cats, Foxy and Moxie would be the result.


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