Sometimes Things Do Work Out

>> Saturday, February 11, 2012

So, there are many reasons why this is a tough week. My husband moved out (when I objected to him happening to invite his unemployed new soulmate at dinner time expecting me to feed her too three days in one week). He couldn't understand why that would bother me. Even the poor girl was desperately uncomfortable (and he's told me she hates to be around me - apparently being rude to me is just fine).

Does anyone else need an explanation?

So the same week I file for divorce and have flu-from-hell, along with my two smallest children, and loan my van to my soon-to-be-ex for his birthday campout with his girlfriend and his cronies, I also get to run the Valentine gauntlet in every store.

And I look at my wishlist, to see if there's something there I could get myself that would cheer me up (yes, I did buy several manga, too) and I notice that a ring I'd put on there back when I was still thinking of myself as a married woman is now out of stock. Now, it's not a pricy ring. I like colored stones, always have, and don't much care if they're "genuine" gemstones or semi-precious or CZ or whatever. And I actively prefer silver to gold. Always have. So, when I saw this dramatic ring on, I just loved it:

But I can't buy myself a $155 ring. There are too many priorities that preclude it. So, when I went down my wishlist and saw it was now out of stock, I wasn't really surprised. Missed that window, I thought. But I was curious to see if there were other multicolor CZ rings out there. Surely this wasn't the only example!

So, I looked, and, sure enough, there were quite a few. Some were quite nice, though none appealed like the first one I'd seen until I saw this one.
Look the same to you? Yeah, me too. And this beauty was a whopping  $38.26.  Heck, even I can afford that, so this was my Valentine's Day gift to myself, as pathetic as that sounds. By the way, if you feel like you MUST spend $155+, the first one is now back in stock.

I did worry that the real thing would be clunky or heavy or muddy or dangerously sharp and catch on clothes or children. But it was gorgeous, fit nicely on my hand and seems very comfortable there. 

So, sometimes things work out after all. And my daughter gets a jewelry box inside another box that she can play with for HOURS.


  • Shakespeare

    OMG, but that ring is BEAUTIFUL!!! You have good taste in jewelry.

    I know it doesn't make up for that bonehead of a soon-to-be-ex-husband, but OMG it's lovely. I hope your illness runs its course very quickly, so that both it and your other contagion can be out of the house as soon as possible.

    Sorry for the harsh language about the Great Disappointment. Call me loyal. You certainly don't EVER have to question whose side I'm on.

  • History Doc

    And you just now threw the asshat out???

    Lovely ring. Funny how those little things make you feel better, isn't it?

  • Stephanie Barr

    History Doc, technically speaking, he threw himself out in objection to my complaint to his inviting his new soulmate over at dinner time several times a week.

    Apparently, it's completely unreasonable to object to feeding her at the family dinner table (though the girl was clearly very uncomfortable).

    Most of his stuff is still in the house, but I'll move it out myself by the end of this month into storage if he doesn't do so.

  • Frank Hark

    Sorry I missed this one when you first posted it.

    I agree with History Doc, what an asshat.

  • GumbyTheCat

    You should have cut the brake lines on your van before loaning it to him. OK, I'm kidding. Kind of. "Asshat" is being too kind.

    I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this.

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