Father's Day

>> Sunday, June 20, 2010

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I am frequently grateful to my husband for husband-type things like listening, supporting and supremely mindbendingly good sex. I don't know if that last is really a husband-type thing, but he does it anyway.

Too infrequently, I acknowledge something else he goes the extra mile with: fatherhood. Whereas many mothers feel under-appreciated, especially when they spend the bulk of the time with the children, my husband is a stay-at-home dad.

That means, that, overall, he is spending far more time with the children than I am. It also means that he's setting the tone, setting up the routines, entertaining the small people and cleaning up their destruction each and every day. Having spent some time as a single mother, I know how much work that really is.

He doesn't do it entirely without complaint. But he does it, even though it limits his options career-wise until they get a bit bigger. His understanding of his children means that having two children that effectively don't speak hasn't kept us from communicating effectively with both of them.

So, here's to him and all the other dad's out there going above and beyond for the sake of their children, who understand that being a father means more than providing a few chromosomes and putting food on the table. It means handling crises and diapers and baths. It means playing and listening and feeding children. It means being part of their lives rather than props.

My husband understands that and that makes him a super dad.

Happy Father's Day!


  • The Mother

    How, possibly, could mind-blowing sex NOT be a husbandly requirement? Are we devaluing the feminine sex drive? Hmm?

    Knowing you, I'm guessing you're just being modest.

    I have massive kudos available on request to any male who decides to be a house-husband to support his wife's career. My sister was lucky enough to have that, so I have some familiarity with the concept.

    Me? Hubby and I looked at earnings potential and agreed that he had trained into the best choice. So I stayed home.

    Don't regret it. But...

  • Jeff King

    Thx... and i am glad things are good.

  • Shakespeare

    My hubby is also a work-at-work dad, and earns well more than I ever would if I worked away from home. Then again, he's also spent months at home being the primary caregiver, so he know EXACTLY what I do with my time, and appreciates me so much.

    I hope your hubby had a great Dad's day! He deserves it!

  • Pervaiz

    This post is amazing.
    Thanks for this.

  • Timona

    Maybe someday stay at home moms will get this kind of praise. But I doubt it.

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