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>> Sunday, April 25, 2010

(not my daughter pictured, but isn't the picture cute?)

As a change of pace, I want to talk about something happy (and to remind myself I'd like it better if talking about something happy weren't "a change of pace").

This morning, my daughter woke me up at 7:30. She wasn't crying or complaining or demanding my attention. Instead, I heard her grunting industriously over the baby monitor (which, since it's flaking most times, was pretty amazing by itself). It's a video monitor and I glanced up to see what she was grunting about.

My daughter was quite busy. She'd been irked the night before because she'd dragged her favorite blanket (the quilt her father made her) through orange juice and I didn't get it all cleaned until long after she went to bed. She'd squawked some time before finally falling asleep and Lee dropped it in there when it was dry so she'd find it when she woke up.

Now, Roxy has LOTS of blankets, a couple of big fuzzy pillows and a huge stuffed caterpillar in her crib. The caterpillar is huge, probably a foot in diameter and long enough to wrap around three sides of her crib.

What was she doing? Systematically throwing everything in her crib out on to the floor - everything, but her favorite quilt. She was quite determined. Small blankets required no grunting, but pillows were more challenging and required levering them up and sliding them over. I nearly laughed out loud when as she struggled with the caterpillar that weighed nearly as much as she did (and that is much larger). But she tossed it out in the end, with a grunt of satisfaction

Leaving just the bed and her blanket, the one she wanted. Ain't she something?

I don't know why she did it, but it was the happiest I've woken up all week.


  • Shakespeare


    Brandon moaned this morning around five--for the first time in months he'd kicked off his comforter and was cold (but still asleep). I pulled the comforter back on, and he snuggled into it, with a mmmmmm...

    So nice. Glad to know you are in the same state of bliss I am.

  • Jeff King

    I love watching kids when they don't know you're watching... it's amazing how they brighten any day and make your heart melt.

    I couldn't imagine living without my kids, man life would suck.

  • flit

    can you tape with that monitor? that would be cool

  • The Mother

    I have no solution to the favorite blankie dilemma. We still have one that's in tatters (at 14, you wouldn't expect it to be in great shape).

    It's nice that you had a smiley moment. My blankie stories are frustrating as hell.

  • Stephanie Barr

    It's interesting. My kids don't need to take their blankets everywhere, but want them if they're going to sleep. My son, six, had a quilt he literally wore out yet, without prompting, took up with a blanket from "How to Train Your Dragon" instead. Lee picked up three of those from Walmart for $5 each.

    Alex used to have a musical bear he had to have to sleep. That was a bigger pain because it was unwashable and he soiled a couple beyond saving. Fortunately, he got over it.

    Admittedly, Alex likes blankets in general. Despite multiple beds, he still makes a nest for himself in the floor of his own retinue of blankets (some 5-6), his own pillows, and any pillows or blankets he can steal from elsewhere or towels. Every week I have to go in there and rescue towels.

    Roxy also had 5-6 blankets, but she is not attached, apparently, to any but the one. And that seems a recent development. When her brother takes his "favorite" blanket out to the gameroom to watch a movie, she'll want her blanket so she'll have one, too. But she'll leave it anywhere.

    They're still young enough for it to be cute as the dickens.

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