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>> Friday, March 5, 2010

Now on day ten of an unending headache/low level earache marathon, I've decided I'm too cranky to be reasonable on any controversial topic. So, instead, I'm going to provide an homage to my excellent friend, Eleanor. Eleanor was one of my first on-line friends, providing me a great deal of great information on Nelson Eddy (who I had an obsession with for a while - but that's a whole other story).

She is one of the sweetest and most giving people anywhere and it's a privilege to know her. One of the things she does, other than research and write is make beautiful stunning quilts. I remember her telling us many years ago that she no longer makes quilts for people; mostly she makes them for museums.

Yet, more than six years ago, she made a gorgeous quilt for my newborn son. Here he is, as a newborn, showing it off:

It wasn't only the perfect weight and gorgeous and stunning (the picture does not do it's justice) - Alex loved it.

And he still does.

This is what happens to a quilt if a young boy uses it every single night of his life, who won't go to sleep unless he has it.

Lee won't let me repair it. He says that "ruins" a blanky. I'm not sure I readily could fix it now.

But, believe me, it's earned it's lumps.

Thank you, Eleanor. You've made the most precious thing in my son's life.


  • Jeff King

    Its nice to have people like that in your life...

  • Roy

    Ouch on the headache! At 10 days I think I'd be camped out at the Dr's office trying to find out why I had a headache for so long. This doesn't sound good!

    Eleanor certainly makes some fine quilts!

  • Stephanie Barr

    I have a long history of tag team headaches. When I was in college, I went 60 days with the same headache before my roommate prevailed upon me to go to the clinic. My family was not prone to going to the doctor.

    Since then, I've gone to neurologists, had an MRI, been tested here and there and in between.

    Best anyone can tell, I'm prone to migraines and tension headaches, the latter because my back is overmuscled (and I treat it horribly).
    I get a migraine that brings on a tension headache. Even when the migraine recedes, the tension headache remains, so painful it brings on another migraine.

    Unchecked, this cycle can go on for weeks (and has). Usually, if I can break the cycle, it will go away. I used to need prescription drugs to do so, but I lose sensitivity to them and don't like using them but very sparingly. Now, I can mostly do it with OTC migraine medicine (aspirin, tylenol and caffeine). Sometimes I need ibuprofen to knock it out completely.

    In this case, I've got residual sinus from my cold a few weeks back clogging up my ears. I don't think it's infected, but it affects my hearing a little and leaves me a low level earache. Until it goes away, it will keep bringing on migraines, which bring on tension headaches...

    With our up/down weather, my allergies are aggravating the problem. I'm just going to have to wait it out. I don't know what a doctor could do but give me stronger painkillers.

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