Sunday Soapbox: Unmitigated Gall

>> Sunday, February 28, 2010

*Steps on soapbox*

You know what I hate? Even more than people who get wealthy feeding off the naivete and suffering of others while providing nothing of value? Oh, I hate them, too, but at least they understand their own mortality.

No, the ones I really hate are those who get wealthy feeding off the naivete and suffering of others while providing nothing of value, then blatently flaunt their greed to the very people they've been sucking dry.

When I read about banking businesses too big to fail who accepted bailouts, brought our markets to a standstill, sucked long and hard at the public trough, only to turn around and provide the "deserving" of their ranks bonuses worth billions, I see red. People are still out of work, paying for the shortsighted greed of these bloodsuckers that led to the crisis, and thy're off paying themselves off again. I know that many have paid back their original loans, but I think they owe the people in this country for pain and suffering that many of the rest of us are still feeling, y'know? Even if they were all right and tight, awarding themselves excessive bonuses when the public, that rescued them, are still tightening their belts is sickening in the extreme.

It argues a complete disconnect with us, such smug arrogance and self-serving confidence. Apparently, they think there are no repercussions to doing what ever they want and thumbing their noses at the rest of us. Admittedly, there haven't been many so far, if any.

Now, there are healthcare companies, as health care reform is still being bandied about, inflicting huge premium increases across the country, after billion dollar profits, after spending millions fighting reform. One could say that was just dumb as dirt. But, really, like the bonuses, I think it's just a sign that these folks feel they're untouchable, that no matter what crap they pull, what they do, no one's ever going to hold them accountable.

I think this when oil companies raise prices when green legislature comes up. I feel this when Microsoft offers yet another product that's a "new and improved version" of a previous product that was so horrible that people use the same tone and expression when they call it by name that they use when saying "excrement". How about going new and improved on something that freaking works?

Part of the reason that big business thumbs their noses at us, of course, are the legislators and politicians they control via money (as I complained about here - so I won't go into it now). And the Supreme Court that have made even more blatant control the order of the day.

To all of you who think you're too big to fail, that we will always "need" you so badly that you can do whatever you want to us and we have no choice but to take it, let me just say, "You're a damn fool."

History is littered with failures who once thought they owned the world and couldn't be touched.

*Steps off soapbox*


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