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>> Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A blog-friend of mine, quadmama, has quadruplet girls, age four. One thing she'd noted as a frustration was someone sending one darling thing (often an item of clothing or other wearable item) to her four girls. Even with monumental willingness to share, it becomes a bone of contention.

So, after Christmas of course, it occurred to me that I could make individualized jewelry sets, one for each girl so they'd each have a matching set, but completely one of a kind. I'm pleased with the results so I'm posting a picture here.

Thanks to Lee for the picture, which is why it isn't a bunch of multi-colored smears. Feel free to click on it for a better look. The "greenish" one is really yellow with only a hint of green.

The girls picked the colors and I tested them on Alex and Roxy to check the length of the bracelets (long enough to go around my six year old's wrist, small enough they didn't just fall off my two year old's hand). I made the necklaces a little on the long side 'cause I didn't know what they preferred.

For both bracelets and necklaces, I used magnetic clasps. They're less secure than regular clasps, but it severely limits the possibility of getting necklaces or wrists caught on something (safety) and reduces the chances of the jewelry breaking with pieces flying everywhere.

I hope it works out. Quadmama, I'll get that in the mail to you tomorrow.


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