Once Again I'm Thankful

>> Tuesday, December 15, 2009

You know, at this time of year, when people get rushed and crushed and bumped around, it's really easy to start feeling harried and pushed and pressed. I've been swamped at work as people try to get everything done before the holidays, and, unfortunately, it's made me cranky.

Until now.

Had a sanity check that reminded me just what I have to be grateful for.

Trying to take care of all the extra stuff, shopping, decorating, errands, mailing, can be a real pain when you're working long hours. Running around and buying this or that can be a pain, what with the other crazy harried shoppers trying to get stuff done around their own long hours, insane parking lots and checkout lanes extended halfway down the store.

But, you know what? I'm going to have time off for the holidays, with pay. And, whereas I only have to deal with a handful of shopping experiences (I love ordering on-line), many people in retail are dealing with crazy, harassed people all day long and they'll be working some very long hours up to and including the holidays.

So, I'm thankful to all those hard-working people who have unfailingly kept their patience with customers like myself and my ilk, who work those long hours so I can get what I need at times that suit me and my schedules, who make shopping much more pleasant than it might be.

And I'm grateful I don't have to work that hard any more.

And I'm grateful that I have a job in an environment where many are having some hard Christmases with too little money to try to make their families happy, where they might have to face enforced and unpaid furloughs, be facing pay cuts or even be struggling without a job.

I forget sometimes, just how lucky I am. And, if I made the most of my opportunities, I've had them to take advantage of. Not everyone does. I have a lot to be grateful for and it's important I remember that.

Here's to a world where everyone gets the opportunities I have had. My Christmas wish is that everyone has things a little bit easier, a little happier, a little bit brighter than they predicted. And that those of us who have it a little better than we sometimes think we do remember how fortunate we are and not forget those who haven't been quite as fortunate.


  • Shakespeare


  • Jeff King

    Amen Steph...

    It sure does help to remember how blessed we are... I know I will have it good and will help all those people around me any way I can.

    All that really matters is good friends, good times and good food... that is what I really look forward to.

    Good post. Thx

  • Marilynne

    I try very hard to be pleasant to the clerks in the stores. I'm afraid I could become a cantankerous caterwauling cat if I let myself. By being nice to the clerks, I can keep the other side of myself under control.

  • Quadmama

    Thank you to everyone who makes an effort to be nice to folks like me trying to make money. Do I want to work retail part-time? No, but it's the only "quad-friendly" job I've found where the bosses understand my limited availability. Having said that... most people, 95% are nice, patient, etc. and understand I may not be able to jump the second they ask me to. I go out of my way to help people and go above and beyond when someone recognizes that there are things out of my control. When someone gets major 'tude or is just plain wicked then I pretty much don't go out of my way to help. You rock for reminding people to take a minute to think about who it is they're yelling at (usually not someone who can fix the situation!)

  • Stephanie B

    I thought about you, quadmama, when I wrote this. I like to think I'm pretty nice to the folks in the stores. To be honest, I rarely run into any but the friendliest people and I'm well aware they often take the brunt of the ugliness when something goes awry.

  • The Mother

    I would love to lie and say that I'm always nice to retail staff.

    But my limited patience wears thin as I have to hunt down staff to ask a question and stand in line forever to spend my money on their stuff.

    I solve this lack of basic social skills by doing 99% of all my shopping online, where checking out is instant and things magically arrive at my door two days later.

    So I guess I'm saving the retail staff from having to deal with me.

  • Relax Max

    I try to buy online as much as I can, too. I don't think I could work in retail, at least not this time of year.

  • Kathy

    I worked in retail for a spell and I remember how hard December was on me, mentally and physically. People are so crazed at that time and often take it out on cashiers and salespeople when they don't mean to. The pay was crappy, too.

    I'm thankful as well, for a job that doesn't involve working with the general public.


  • flit

    oh...and as if the people weren't bad enough there is the muzack and the GD chirping birds!!! I worked in a Kresge's one year over Christmas - at the lunch counter.

    That was a very long time ago - but I still remember those GD chirping bird ornaments with gritted teeth.

  • Tim

    Good reminder, to be thankful for the things we do have. Right now I am laid off but still have enough money in the bank to be a househusband and spend time with the kids. As an added bonus, I did all my Christmas shopping on a Monday morning so I wouldn't have to deal with crowds.

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