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>> Monday, November 30, 2009


I know she's my sister, but she clearly wanted the cards because she gave me a couple of great ideas (see the recap):

  • Shakespeare - Start a poem or a short story in a session and see if commenters will continue it
  • Shakespeare - "What would I do when..." blog - not sure if she meant me to start another blog or just do this periodically.
So, give it up for the great Bard. Way to go. I'll start using those Ask Me Anything because it's a great thing to do as a filler. Though probably starting tomorrow. Or maybe later today.

Oh, and, 'cause she's my sister, she'll understand if it takes me a long time to remember to send them off to her 'cause I'm absent-minded (and always have been) she knows what to expect.
But that's not why she won.

So, congrats, Sis, and I'll get that right to you. Soon :)


  • Jeff King

    Congrats Shakes...

  • The Mother

    Congratulations to Shakespeare. Although I'm guessing she doesn't look much like her picture.

  • Shakespeare

    Actually, except for the beard and mustache, it's not that far off.

    And I WON!!! Hurray! I'm so excited!!! What great news! Yippee!!!!

    Did I tell you I was excited?


  • Relax Max

    Methinks this is Francis that's bringing home the bacon. Definitely not either Shakespeare. Don't forget to send her the cards.

  • Stephanie B

    I was wondering if anyone (other than my sister, of course) would notice. My sister is one of those who are convinced that Shakespeare, the actor, was not the one who really penned the plays but just served as a front for who did. If I remember correctly, she favors Francis Bacon as the real author. In fact, I think her masters or Ph.D thesis were related to this. As I'm not an expert on this subject, I have no opinion myself.

    I figured, since she didn't correct me (and certainly knew this was Bacon, not Shakespeare), I'd remembered her views correctly. I'm a little tickled, RM, that you caught on to what was a public private "joke".

  • Relax Max

    Not only that, but she is almost surely wrong. So sad.

    Kidding, Shakespeare.

    About your wrongness being sad, I mean. ;)

    Well, maybe the sonnets...

    PS-Stephanie, why don't I believe you don't have an opinion?

  • Stephanie B

    I have no idea why you believe that. I have never had the interest or dedication necessary to become very knowledgeable on this topic. Any opinion I'd have would either be supporting my sister by default and/or ill-informed based on no real data. Such opinions, if I had them, would not be worth noting.

    I'm plenty opinionated, but I prefer to back my opinions with at least a rationale and, if possible, hard data. I don't have any on this topic and, therefore, no opinion. Not even a speculative one.

    Perhaps it just doesn't matter that much to me. I like the plays, not so much the stand alone sonnets. Who's really responsible for penning them doesn't much interest me.

  • Joaquin Reigle

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