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>> Tuesday, September 1, 2009

OK, I know I was going through educational necessities and I'm still going to do that, but I'm going to digress for the next two days. Today, it's because I've got a request. I'm also doing something new - putting this on both blogs.

See, here's the thing. I have a fairly large backlog of short stories I've written, almost all in the fantasy, science fiction or, in one case, I don't know what to call it. I'd like to market some of these, get some visibility, some interest going, perhaps even some money. And the short stories are already written.

So, what's the problem? Well, I wrote most of these years ago and, though I like them, I'm not objective about them. Many are overtly feminist and violent - I was young. Most are exercises in swift character building, effective description, surprise endings. Many are old ideas I wanted to play with. And I have too many of them to effectively try to market them all at one time. I'm just not that organized.

What I need are objective eyes to look at some of these short stories (or all of them) and tell me (a) which ones are just too immature to be publishable (or that there's not enough there for publishing), (b) which ones seem publishable and, (c) of the publishable ones, which ones do you like best or think are the best bet for getting a publisher's attention.

So, I'm asking you all, would any of you be interested in reading all or some of the short stories? You don't have to read them all, but I do want to know what you think about whatever you read.

I know most of you are quite busy. I know you all have lives. It isn't a short turnaround situation, because I'll be going back over these (given that many of them haven't been touched in years or longer). But I could use some help if any of you could spare it. Do note that all of the sword and sorcery include violence.


  • Charley - Story about a teddy bear
  • Time of Change - Science fiction exploring the notion of parallel universes (going at different time scales or directions).
  • Captain of the Guard - Sword and Sorcery playing off the Phoenix legend Graphic violence
  • Backseat Driver - Science Fiction - AI
  • Dark of Night - Dark Fantasy - Graphic violence
  • Seeds of Tomorrow - Fantasy
  • Windmaster - followup to my favorite Windrider - Fantasy
  • Tryst on the Balcony - my only foray into vampires
  • King of Swords - first of the Tarot Queen stories - Fantasy
  • Intemperate Sword - Sword and Sorcery - crude humor
  • Stormmistress - Fantasy
  • Precipice - Fantasy (mermaid)
  • Castles of Sand - Fantasy
  • Masks - Fantasy
  • Echo - Fantasy
Just let me know if you're interested in reading some or all. I would really appreciate it.Please leave a comment and I'll figure out how to get back with anyone interested.

Update: Check here to read stories. Let me know, though, so I know how long to keep the webpage up.


  • Jeff King

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • Stephanie B

    Gotcha, Jeff. I'm going to delete your comment so your email's not still out there.

    Here's what he said:
    I am in... Maybe you could look at my couple of chapters for me; it would help to get some feedback.

    I’ll read them all, send the one you want feedback first, and so on...
    Once you respond I’ll delete my post, just in case. But I doubt anyone who reads it on your blog will spam me...

    you will get a brutal honest opinion of the story, like flow, holding my intest, char building, scene and so on. of course i can't edit grammar but the rest i can do...

  • Stephanie B

    Thanks, Jeff. I appreciate it. Any feedback, whatever your impressions, are welcome.

    Also, if anyone knows of good markets, I'll always take suggestions.

  • Shakespeare

    I'd love to help, and maybe I could... but I'm busy working on your novel right now. And I'm being pretty brutal (okay, brutal for me)...

    I'm a third of the way through, though, and in less than 24 hours. Who knows? I might have it done in a day or so.

    I could probably get to them eventually. My next task after reading your novel, though, is to write, write, write!

  • Richard

    I'm game to offer a critique or two. I'm pretty tied up revising my own book for the next few weeks though. Let me know if you have any preference for review order and schedule. I'd also like to know some rough word counts before I commit to anything, so I can plan accordingly.

  • Stephanie B

    No pressure, anyone. Don't commit to anything, just, if you have a bit and want to check it out, please do let me know what you think.

    You can leave comments here or email me at stephanieebarr[at]earthlink.net

  • Aron Sora

    Can I see Time of Change, Captain of the Guard, Backseat Driver, Seeds of Tomorrow and Intemperate Sword. I'll see if anyone on my floor want to read these stories.

  • Aron Sora

    Just use my blogger.com profile e-mail address which is public.

  • Project Savior

    I'd love to read some of your stuff, but I warn you I've got I few stories that I wrote that I love but have been rejected a dozen times so I might ask you to return the favor.

  • The Mother

    I'll take a look in my massive amounts of spare time, in between tweaking my own novel. No promises on a time frame, though.

  • Bob Johnson

    Pick me, I don't have a lot lot of writing skills to give you a lot of advice but I like to read your stuff, Dark of Night and Intemperate Sword.

  • Stephanie B

    Just follow the link on the bottom of the post and you can read whatever works for you.

    And feel free to send comments to stephanieebarr[at]earthlink.net

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