Too Much Family...and Not Enough

>> Friday, July 17, 2009

I’m out of town for the weekend to go to my husband’s family reunion. I haven’t entirely decided how I feel about that.

Don’t get me wrong. Lee has a great family, friendly, inviting, quirky. All the things I like in people. But, there’s a LOT of them. Lee’s grandfather had ten sisters and they mostly live in close proximity so family events are well populated. I know most of them and like them. I love Lee’s grandparents unreservedly. They’re good people.

But I’m not a party person and that’s a lot of humanity. Very loud humanity. And that’s just the reunion itself. We’ll be staying with Lee’s grandparents who generously share with all of us, but that means 12 people in a house about the size of my living room. And one bathroom. That should be interesting.

But there’s another aspect that makes me quite sad. Lee’s great-grandmother (on the other side) used to live within an hour of our reunion spot and, a little less than two years ago, she died. I can’t remember going to a reunion where a visit to Grandmother Atha wasn’t part of it, even when I was brought along before I was even part of the family. She missed seeing Roxy, even hearing about Roxy’s forthcoming birth, and that makes me sad. She died feeling alone and didn’t tell us what was wrong (pancreatic cancer). We only found out after she died. She was a resilient, independent woman. I loved her very much.

She will definitely be missed.


  • The Mother

    I detest family get-togethers. I think most introverts do. They require SO much energy.

    And you don't even drink!

  • Stephanie B

    This might be the weekend to start.

  • flit

    I am sorry for your loss...and especially that she missed out on the opportunity to hold that gorgeous baby of yours.

    Hope you have a much better time than you expect :)

  • Shakespeare

    I agree that crowds are hard for people like us... even when the people are awesome people. Sometimes one family member is enough to send me off balance... My ideal vacations often include no one except for me (although I know that's really weird, and I do that kind of thing very rarely).

    I'll try, when I visit in a few weeks, to not drive you crazy... and I hope you have a good experience this time, even with only one bathroom among all of you.

  • Stephanie B

    I'm not worried about your visit, Shakespeare.

    I'm looking forward to it!

  • Aron Sora

    Maybe you can spend the event doing things to memorialize your great-grandmother. Clean her grave stone, organize her scrapbook and track down her history. It could be the introspective activity you need to survive this event, but your family will still be appreciated.

    Or you can preform maintenance on everyone's computers. That's what I do.

    You could also share all your NASA stories, I'm sure they are epic.

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