>> Sunday, July 26, 2009

I feel like I've gotten far too serious on this blog recently, like I can no longer laugh at myself or have to go into deep philosophical things on every post. Seems counterintuitive because I'm so not like that.

Perhaps, it's because I've been too harried to do much of my own writing. I mean, I've fleshed out some characters for books I haven't written yet, funny eclectic characters that will make the books more entertaining (as opposed to my relatively serious main characters). I often like caricature characters that turn out to have real depths and NOT be what one expects.

Characters that are humorous or off-kilter in some way, with strengths and personalities that reveal them for the real people they really are. And catch a reader off guard. Like Lucky, a character in the sequel to my completed Sword and Sorcery novel. Lucky is the maimed old guy who's fought in every war, mated with every woman of note, and looks like he's been chewed on by a troll and spit out because he tasted unsavory. And probably was. He has only a subset of remaining limbs - and none of those are complete - one eye, no teeth, and he completely defies pity. He doesn't beg or accept charity. He doesn't need it. He has a devoted companion who'd fight through hell for him, largely because Lucky managed to save him with his fighting skill. He makes a good living though no one is exactly sure how (Lucky claims to be a male prostitute, and no one wants to believe him, but he's very popular with the Jenri). He knows everything, though he's unlikely to be forthcoming with the information. And he has his own inimitable charm. I can't wait to write him.

Then, there's Lucifer Lush (I'm going to have my daughter help with naming from now on; this name was perfect), a flamboyant homosexual with all the exuberance and energy of Richard Simmons but a better fashion sense. He's also a true blue friend to a very introverted and insecure woman getting out of an unhealthy relationship, a woman who happens to be key to bringing the world of technology and the world of magic back in sync. That he helps her heal and looks out for her well-being, along with bringing a string of vivid characters tromping through her life, just makes him more appealing. That one of those characters is Lucy's rigid ex-career army father just makes things interesting.

Of course, I have to finish revisions to another finished novel (and resist delving into the sequel to that one!). But, still, I'm so looking forward to playing with my new characters.


  • The Mother

    Oh, man I envy your courage, plunging on into the sequel before you get the first published. I'm running through plots in my head, but not willing to invest the time in the actual writing. Yet.

  • Jeff King

    I applaud your actions, write away… no need to stop writing and wait to get your book published, because we as writers write because we love it… no matter is it gets published or not, at least writing the squeal will help keep your mind off the worry about getting the first part published.. and if you do get it published you will be ahead of the game by not stopping.

    I talked to an author yesterday and she told me it took 25 submission before he novel got published/accepted… she has gone on to publish 3 other books but still has to fight tooth and nail to keep her name up so she does not have to play the game of… book submittals and rejection letters, her best advice to me was do not give up, never give up EVER… and so I pass it on to you and hope you never stop chasing your dream….

  • Stephanie B

    The Mother, Jeff King said it before I could. If I never get published, I'll never stop writing. I've wanted to be a novelist since I was a tiny kiddo. I could no more stop the stories in my head than I could be a professional killer.

    I'm excited about putting them on paper. I dread the marketing, but I'm happy to have created them even if it's only a small circle of my friends that know about it.

    Thanks for the support, both of you.

  • Aron Sora

    Wow, this sounds like a book which will be a the banned book list. (Note: the banned book list is a huge honor because all the really good books tend to end up there.)

    How did Lucky get his name? I know there is some epic story behind it.

  • Stephanie B

    I'm not sure which one would be banned (both perhaps?). I can't say it's my goal to be banned, but I'll write what I like and let the chips fall where they may.

    It's a play on the famous joke about one's dog, missing a leg, an eye, deaf, teeth. Goes by the name of Lucky.

  • Bob Johnson

    Lol, I love that name, good choice, names mean a lot to me.

  • Stephanie B

    Bob, darling! Are you back? How was China?

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