Friday Cat Blogging - What Have the Cats Been Up To?

>> Friday, May 29, 2009

So, how ya doing? It's time again to give a status on my beautiful black beauties (so I didn't take a new picture - sue me).

Well, first, I think I need a new name for Foxy. It's just not sitting well with me. She's quiet, unassuming, gentle, really only "aggressive" when playing with Moxie. When she's around me, she's likely sleeping on me or licking my leg.

But Moxie (and she's the subject of this blog post today), she's a little more unpredictable.

Moxie is the one who might crawl up on my lap and purr.

Or crawl up on my shoulder and purr.

Or try to run up my leg, leaving a trail of pain.

Or play with Roxy (they bat each other, but Moxie doesn't use her claws).

Or fall into the bathtub because she's just so curious. Twice.

Or pounce in the pile of litter and baby crumbs I'm trying to sweep up.

Or knead/suckle blankets for some reason.

Damn, I missed pussycats.


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