Well, That Was Needlessly Irksome

>> Monday, April 6, 2009

*Sigh* I had hoped to leave quietly and in a friendly way from today.com for no better reason than that our priorities and goals were clearly not in sync. I was moving my second blog, because it was small and saw little traffic (largely because opportunities to build traffic on today.com are limited) and the posts were not pay-per post and never had been.

I'd intended to take my time, but I'd heard from another blogger from today.com, that she'd been kicked without warning because she'd written a blog that was uncomplimentary to today.com. That just upped my timetable. It's one thing to be asked to shill ads and to build traffic, it's another for a site that says "Blog about ANYTHING" to censor any criticism. Since the time I decided to go ahead with my blogspot blog, they had deleted the "follow me" link she'd managed to leave on her previous site.

Now, folks, in my opinion, that's just petty.

I'd moved everything and one of my blog buddies noticed that someone had set up an identical site ("ripping me off") - I decided to leave a "follow me link" and go.

Today.com (without ANY notification, even yet) locked me out of both Rocket Scientist and my secondary blog. Well, OK. I'm guessing that's all for the best. Clearly, we weren't going to see eye to eye. They also deleted the "follow me" link on Ask Me Anything and, as I'm locked out, I can't leave one on Rocket Scientist - and they'd just remove it anyway.

So, I'm here and all in disarray. Bear with me as I work to get this blog up and running, noting that I will not be duplicating the Rocket Scientist posts over here. Those were pay-per-post and today has paid for most of them (I'm not expecting I'll get paid for the thirty odd I've written in March or April). However, to aid in those interested in reading any back posts, I'll be coming up with an archive link list. Give me a bit.

I do not mean to disparage any of the bloggers on today.com. Truly, there are some exceptional blogs on today.com and I'll still be visiting (and you'll find them on my bloglist when I get it up and running). I've been tickled to death to be in such good company. I had enjoyed working with today.com largely, but a number of recent changes concerned me. I guess I won't have to worry about that any more. And this is just my viewpoint. I'm sure they'd describe the situation differently.

I am actually a very loyal person. However, I believe, like Patton, that loyalty has to go both ways. I'm proud of the work I did on today.com's behalf and hope to write similarly quality work over here. I hope some of the friends I'd made on today.com will still keep in touch and I expect I'll be meeting more people of the interesting variety over here.

There's a great deal of talk about loyalty from the bottom to the top. Loyalty from the top down is even more necessary and is much less prevalent. One of the most frequently noted characteristics of great men who have remained great is loyalty to their subordinates. --Gen George Patton
If you've never run into me before, sorry about the rather unconventional "hello." If you've met me before and were wondering, no, I'm not pretending to be the "original" rocket scientist from today.com. I'm the same one. If you have my blog linked, please update the link to http://Rockets-r-Us.blogspot.com. Also, Ask Me Anything can be found at http://askthers.blogspot.com.

Hopefully, here, it can be about the blog and writing good content. That's all I ever wanted.


  • flit

    ha! first follower again!

  • Mike

    Hey - sorry you have left - and thanks for letting me know - I have updated my blog listing with your new URL so I can continue to visit with you.

  • Stephanie B

    Thanks, flit and Mike.

    It's nice to be liked.

  • Roy

    Welcome to Blogger, Steph! I'd've beaten flit here except that Verizon DSL was offline in my area for a chunk of time tonight. Hail, hail, the gang's all here!

  • Stephanie B

    Howdy, Roy. Sorry about your DSL, but I'm glad you made it.

  • Lola

    I've bookmarked your new web addresses. Thanks for commenting on my site to let me know.

  • Bob Johnson

    Good luck, I changed your Rocket Scientist link on my blogroll, also added your ask me anything blog as well.

  • Relax Max

    You did the right thing.

  • Melissa

    I completely, absolutely understand. As a "social" blogger myself, the continued BS from Mr. Adsense leaves more of a bitter taste in my mouth than anything. I'm thinking that because he's so smart, he should front the today network some of his adsense earnings, become a partner because he's so rich and talented.

  • Boris Legradic

    Thanks for the heads-up about your move - updated my RSS feeds and blogroll.

    Seems really weird of today to treat it's bloggers so badly - do they think we don't communicate? Way to build up a positive image!

  • skwguitar

    Thanks for the heads up and I hear you about today.com

    In simply posting updates about entrecard I've been asked by today.com to edit my content - then they made two separate rules specifically about my site (saying that we can't point out that the previous selection was asked to be edited by the admins). I wasn't even complaining, I had wanted to complain but held myself back. I was just trying to update other today.com bloggers because all of us were in the dark.

    I'll definitely be coming back though, I love reading your writing. Good luck with the new blog!


  • Stephanie B

    Thanks for the support, everyone. Since someone else was booted for writing (without warning) a perfectly reasonable sense of disappointment about losing friends on entrecard, I wasn't really surprised.

    @Lola and Bob, thanks for coming by.

    @Relax Max, thanks, I truly appreciate that.

    @Melissa and skwguitar, I'm glad I'm not losing you guys. DON'T write anything about this. I don't want anyone else booted over me.

    @Boris, that's what gets me. Having me move doesn't have to make them look bad. I wasn't in a rush to move Rocket Scientist and I was never going to duplicate the content (and won't unless they evaporate entirely). But, if I had, I would have left quietly and without voicing my complaints. If they don't like today.com bloggers criticizing them, how do they think booting them is going to improve the situation? It's not like we can't make blogs elsewhere, you know. Stupid.

  • OldWestMom


    Wow. It really sucks that even in the blogging world we have stupid politics to contend with. I suppose that's the price we pay to blog with Today.com.

    I have been noticing for a while that they seem pretty high and mighty and quite convinced that they're superior to the rest of us. I have been frustrated with them for a while.

    However, I do like the ease of setting up the site, and a simple to navigate community to interact with. I want to be able to write, and not spend precious time figuring out code and trying to find others.

    I think Today.com has really lost one of its best bloggers. I remember when I first started with them at the end of December, and the buzz was all about the Rocket Scientist. Clearly you are respected by your bloggy peers, and no matter where your site is being hosted at, your devoted fans are going to follow you there.

    It's too bad Today.com has their head too far up their own ass to realize that.

    I've updated all my links, and I'll be following with as much dedication as I always have been. I could care less where you're being hosted...just as long as you're being hosted.

    Now I understand your cryptic little message about working on something.

  • David

    In the end, the best way to have complete ownership of a blog is to own your own domian name. Our domain name is our true online identity which we work too hard to build up. And for a blog site to try to censor its writers...we bloggers are way too independent for that nonsense!

  • jen brister

    I'm glad you moved. You have way too much potential to be stuck not owning your own blog!

    I updated my links and will give you a link from another blog of mine, as well.

  • Stephanie B

    Thank you, oldwestmom. I'm so glad you aren't lost to me. I think you're a gem.

    Thank you, David. I've really been enjoying your site and I wouldn't have found it if I hadn't been using EC. I was MOST disturbed by the censorship.

    Thanks, jen. I need to add your new blog to my bloglist.

    Interestingly enough, I have my own website (www.dragonfaerie.org) and could put a blog on it. Someday, I likely will, but I'm happy at blogspot for the moment. We have a forum as well. Just so much doin'.

  • Aron Sora

    today.com worried me when I heard they flip-flopped on their entrecard decision, but this, this makes me doubt whether or not they will exist for long.

    While your moving, please consider using a template, I saw my time on site stat spike when I applied a new template.

    Good luck, if there is anything I can do, please let me know.

  • Davida

    I updated your links on my page. While I still have my first today.com blog, I have enjoyed the week I've been on blogspot with my second blog. I know you will too. More freedom!

    Today.com has lost a true gem to all that office politics without the office stuff. You are the real deal, Stephanie.


  • Stephanie B

    Aron, I will check those out, see if anything grabs me. Thanks.

    Davida, I'm shooting for no hard feelings. In the end, I enjoyed my time on Today.com. Really, I left before I became unhappy. I intend to remember my time there fondly.

  • Citizen Shelly

    I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up to date on your problems with Today.com, -- I also have a 3rd blog on today.com (citizenpower) and I'm on the verge of leaving them too. They aren't what they advertised and my blog there looks about as junky with ads as a blog can look. I don't blame you for leaving them, I cant' stand how they have junked up my blog there. And they haven't paid me yet either, after being there for months. Why bother?

    I've always enjoyed your writing, so I'm glad you moved, and I'm going to link to your new blog on my main website (Futurism Now). As soon as Today.com gets around to paying me (if they ever do) I'm outta there too. I have not had a happy experience with Today.com at all, and if they are censoring people (I saw the move in that direction awhile ago) that's just too much.

  • Kelly B

    It seems Today has gone bonkers. They are kicking people out left and right. Today I got an email offering me a discounted rate to advertise with them...WHAT? you cancel my account with no warning and won't respond to me emails, but you want me to pay you to advertise? Okay.....


  • Anonymous

    Citizen Shelly, I don't know if you're still reading this thread or not, but I thought I'd tell you that if you quit blogging at Today (just stop posting), after one month they will close your blog and pay you for the balance of whatever you've earned so far. I've had several friends do that. So if you're sick of trying to reach the $50 payout, then just quit blogging. You will get your money.

    I am going to post this anonymously, in case any of the admins at Today are reading this thread for whatever reason, and me telling you pisses them off. You just never know. Anyway, money is tight at my house, and I can't afford to get booted from the system. :-/


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