Thieving Thursday: Increasing the Vocabulary of the Ungrateful

>> Thursday, April 16, 2009

Once again, it's time for me to steal and expand on a comment I made elsewhere. I've been playing catch up, so I was struggling to think of anything clever I said. I could have gone to Relax Max' blog Clarity 2009 - he always gets me to think - but, just as I was about to get started, a new blog post showed up on my blog list [Warning, PG-13] and I knew it was aimed at me.

What fun!

The original post I commented on by the same author was a little exercise in mocking Genesis (which I'm cool with) but I found the I found the portrayal of women (and the preoccupation with her size) off-putting. Admittedly, one couldn't have called it complimentary to men either, but I was still thrown. Given that I'd enjoyed his posts in the past and he'd seemed friendly to women, I questioned his bit, telling him I hadn't pegged him as a misogynist. Well, he grumbled that he'd have to look it up, then mentioned he hoped that meant "handsome."

Sorry, Lobo. It doesn't.

So, apparently today he looked it up. All and all, given his response, he seemed none to pleased. But, as I pointed out, it didn't have to be an insult as I hadn't thought he'd been one before (which is complimentary surely). He mentioned that I couldn't be more wrong, but that leaves me with a dilemma. Is it that I couldn't be more wrong in not pegging him as a misogynist before or in thinking he was acting one this time? Seems like, unless I was wrong on both counts, I could have been more wrong since I must have been half right.

He also mentioned that I'd need the dictionary now, though I wasn't sure why, given that I understood the meaning of all the words he used, including hoity-toity. Though it's always nice to be described as "lil" - the last one to describe me as little was my father and he's been dead two years.

I had a lot of fun with all that and now I'm sharing it with you (and am not the least bit offended, by the way). I have enjoyed Predator Press repeatedly in the past as snarky and/or sarcastic humor is my favorite - and Lobo's pretty good at it. And, yes, I will be back.


  • flit

    Interesting title, anyway :)

  • flit

    hmmm...I don't think I've visited Predator Press lately - if ever ... I will again though; thanks

  • Relax Max

    I like Lobo's writing too. I think he is secretly deeply religious and just trying to cover. Heh.

    I have followed him for a very long time though I'm not competent to comment there.

  • Stephanie B

    Whoa, you have to be COMPETENT to comment there? Someone should have told me.

  • shakespeare

    I visited his blog... and I think you are right. I tried to steer him straight, and I gave him another word to look up, too.

    Just because someone does not believe himself to be a misogynist doesn't mean he isn't. Yet I think he suffers from a consistent male problem, believing that finding women attractive is all that women need to feel great about themselves. Yet women are far more complex than men can comprehend, perhaps because men are simply not that complex. (Does that comment make me a misandronist?--that's the word I gave him to look up).

  • Stephanie B

    I know. I commented after you did.

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