Why Do I Even Have to Frickin' Say: Let Her Speak?

>> Monday, September 11, 2017

By now, I shouldn't be surprised. Be warned, there is cursing coming. That's not an apology, by the way.

I've been at a loss for the past 10 months on why the aging, limited, angry, financially-opaque, losing candidate for the Democratic candidacy (and not just barely lost, mind you, but crushed) who has yet to take one iota of responsibility for his part in Trump's presidency, has been anointed by far too many of the people who didn't even vote for the Democratic candidate as the only future for the Democratic party.

I'm not mentioning Trump because he's a total disasster, a Trumpster fire, but, if you didn't get that before the election, you are literally too stupid to read this blog post. Getting Dems to take this back should be a no brainer but this guy, Bernie, is going to do his damnedest to keep that from happening.

The notion that Sanders is our only hope should be laughable and would be, I'd hope, so those of us who understood how important this was, how vital, and essential this election was, wouldn't get suicidal at that kind of nerve. But, unfortunately the DNC leadership has hooked their wagon to that stupidity and are doing their best to alienate their hard-working, still-suffering base. People are upset about the poor campaign contributions. Gee, imagine dissing the heart of your own party for someone who stabbed it in the back and continues to dismiss and mistreat it every time he gets on camera (and why he's on camera  so often I couldn't guess. But then I feel that way about all the Trump talking heads, as well).

And that doesn't make them open their wallets to you? Go figure.

They say it's in the name of healing, but I would like to know the blockhead who thought a constant diet of ignoring the same devoted followers who voted for Hillary in the election (more than any previous white male candidate, I might add) and rubbing salt in their wounds would be the best possible game plan for taking the country back from the morons who have the reins today. Sounds like Putin's planted game plan to me and--I might have mentioned this a few times--we should be smarter than to keep falling for it.

So, yeah, I've been flabbergasted at the soul-searching I've been seeing by talking heads with pointing their fingers at Hillary as the one and only cause and not a one of the people--who has verifiable evidence of their own stabbing her in the back during the election--is willing to take a single whiff of blame. I've heard smart people tell me all about her shortcomings and, in the same breath, tell me we need to let the election behind us while we learn from our past mistakes (which they seem to translate as to preclude more Hillary or POC or women).

Fuck. That. Shit.

If the lesson you learned from this past election is we have to pander to the slime machine, that we get to ignore substance and actual capabilities if the media tells us to, that we can ignore talented capable people because they just aren't slick enough to sell snake oil, well, Trump is only the beginning of the total decline of this country. 

If we really want to learn from our past mistakes, isn't that examining the past election? And really--and many of these folks are in the media--you can't think of anything you might have had to do with this incredible result? Berniebots? People who pouted at home because they got tired of politics?

And why the hell are the folks who think they should be running the Democratic party, now that their losing candidate is still out there campaigning, given credence even though these are the same damn folks we couldn't count on in the election and the same damn folks that Putin's trolls played like high-end violins? I don't know. Maybe we'd do better with some folks a little less gullible, perhaps someone who doesn't paste purity on a candidate who won't reveal his taxes or even his required financial statements for his job as Senator.

Sorry, I still can't get over it and it bothers me that I can't. I should have been able to forget Sanders as he went back to being totally irrelevant, just like he was before. Instead, I've had him shoved down my neck so I can't heal. You know, for unity.

Meanwhile, this incredible, noble, patient woman, hampered with rules and expectations NO ONE else had, who still did well despite the unending onslaught of negative views and backhanded compliments but lost to a total buffoon, a woman with all kinds of expertise particularly needful now (foreign policy, economic policy, etc), a woman who was constantly shouted down and talked over by rivals and foreign trolls during the election, is now, apparently, by her own party she's dedicated decades to, told to cease and desist in telling her side of the story unless, of course, she just wants to say it's all her fault and she's as bad as everyone says she is. You know, for unity.

Fuck. That. Shit.

You argue no one wants to hear her. Bullshit. There are sixty million plus people still traumatized by the election and being screwed by our own party that desperately needs to hear someone tell them they didn't imagine it all. There are literally millions of fans--that's right fans--who need to know we weren't alone, that she won't be party to the gaslighting the GOP is working on, the media's helping them with, and Bernie (and DNC leadership) is actively aiding and abetting.The one where we're told we're not good enough to be Democrats and we need to make way for "honest" white men to tell us what we really need.

She says she won't run any more. I don't blame her. I thought she was a saint for putting up with it the last two times. But you know what that means, you assholes screaming against her? She's got nothing else to lose. She can say any damn thing she wants until the day she dies.

And I hope she does. I hope she reminds you losers who were so anxious to set the country aflame rather than give her an honest shake despite her credentials and character, exactly what you bought with your misogyny and bigotry. I hope she never lets you forget that she, and the sixty-six million people who voted for her, have the only clean hands in the country--that all the blood and pain still to come is on the rest of you. You break it, you bought it. It's all on you.

I, for one, will not let you forget it. Nice to know, neither will Hillary.

And the thing is, until you guys get it, until you folks pointing finger start doing some real self-examination, we are doomed not to be able to save this country. Because you're the problem. And, really, she's the only one with the guts to come out and say it.


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